Gizmo Gecko

Mvula Computer Networking Structured Cabling Server Rooms

We Are a lifestyle, digital and security products Company

We like to think that our products are the ‘cherry on top’, enhancing the experiences and tools of a new generation of sophisticated, mobile, and networked Africans. We pride ourselves in the products we offer and believe that our products make everyday life that much more enjoyable.

Our goal is to develop and sell a range of accessories that offer an added value proposition in terms of range and pricing to our customers. Gizmo Gecko prides itself on its ability to obtain fast product placement while developing, fostering, and protecting the product range we sell.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service and ensure that our entire team possesses an ethos of “going the extra mile” for our customers which we know will return and make future purchases with us.
Our young but experienced CEO, Robyn, is actively involved in the business ensuring that our customer interaction and experiences are always great.