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High-speed Shared Hosing & Domain Registration

Your website hosting provider has a huge impact on your page load speed and ultimately your bottom line. Faster sites have better SEO rankings, lower bounce rates, and higher conversion rates.

Whether you have a brand new blog or a high-traffic business site; if you’ve never run a website before or are a professional developer, we’ve got you covered with a high-performance solution you can depend on!


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Fast & Easily With Skyehost Hosting!

You can easily build a new site with the Skyehost SiteBuilder, point-and-click install your favorite CMS system (such as WordPress), or even migrate your existing website to Skyehost for FREE! No matter what your technical level, Skyehost has the tools to build you a beautiful new website quickly and easily.

We Have a Web Hosting Solution For You

Everything you need to start, host and manage your website. Fast and reliable shared web hosting with tons of features to help you succeed online..


Ecommerce Web Design Johannesburg

Designing the future of Johannesburg’s web presence. Elevate your online store website design presence with professional web design in Johannesburg. Web design that reflects the energy of Johannesburg.


Domain Transfer

If your current domain provider isn’t giving you the pricing, support and service you need, you want to consolidate your properties or it’s just time for a change — we can help. Our goal is to make the domain transfer process as simple as possible.


SSL Certificates

SSL Certificates are fundamental to internet security. They are used to establish an encrypted connection and allow data to be transmitted securely between a browser or user's computer and a server or website.


WordPress Hosting

Our platform is optimized for WordPress, with high-performance features like load-balanced servers. Our clustered server environment means your site is ready for traffic spikes..


Dedicated Support

Our Web Hosting Dedicated experts team will be available 24/7 complicatedly only for you. A team of certified engineers will completely manage your hosting infrastructure and can handle from Level 1 to any complex level 3 issues including escalations.


Domain Registration

Nothing too complicated. It’s the process of finding a web address (like skyehost.co.za), and then signing up to use your domain registration name. It’s more like leasing a condo than buying a house. You technically don’t own the domain, but once you’ve registered it, you’re free to keep it as long as you continue paying the annual registration fee.

Our Flexible Web Hosting Packages

You need powerful web hosting. A variety of premium features optimized for the best performance will make your websites really fast.

Shared Hosting

WordPress Hosting

24/7 Expert Hosting Support Our Customers Love

Objectively innovate high compellingly maintain progressively pursue mission-critical information quality imperatives.

Hosting Features For Your Big Ideas

These features come standard in all of our hosting plans. Dynamically extend imperatives through open-source quickly niche markets.

Custom Control Panel

It provides a graphical interface and automation tools designed to simplify the process of hosting a web site to the website owner or the “end user”.

1-Click Installer

No need to dig into a bunch of documentation. Simply install web apps like WordPress, Joomla! and more. Monotonectally administrate economically sound opportunities.

Solid State Drives (SSD)

With SSDs, your website, caching, and database queries are faster by our calculations. Quickly orchestrate worldwide niche markets vis-a-vis end-to-end infomediaries.

Guru Crew Support

Our knowledgeable and friendly support team is available 12/6/365 to help!


99.9% Uptime Commitment

With multiple datacenter locations, redundant cooling, emergency generators, and constant monitoring, we are able to offer our 99.9% –Uptime Guarantee.

Award-Winning Support

No question is too simple, or too complex for our team of experts. Synergistically synergize Our in-house support staff and service team are here for you 12/6, 365.

Everything Your WordPress Site Needs for Success.

At SkyHost Hosting, we make WordPress easy and give you access to a variety of tools to get your website up and running in no time.

Out-Of-The-Box Optimized WordPress

We pre-configure our WordPress installs with the best speed and security settings with our Optimized plugin.

WooCommerce for WordPress

Easily create an online eCommerce store with just a few clicks by adding the WooCommerce plugin to your site.

Need for Speed

Our Managed WordPress plans are backed with our Turbo line that offer some serious speed.

Frequently Asked Queries

Efficiently productivate reliable paradigms before ubiquitous models. Continually utilize frictionless expertise whereas tactical relationships. Still have questions? Contact us

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that allocates space and resources on a server specifically for the files that make up your website. It allows you to publish your website on the internet so your audience can access it and view it. That’s a loaded description of Web Hosting. Let’s look at a wider view of it.

Just as you need a physical location if you want to construct a store, building or house, you need a physical location for your website. All of the files (text, images, databases, videos etc.) that your website is made up of takes up space. While a domain name is essentially the address of your website, all of your website’s files need to be stored somewhere. Web Hosting gives you that storage place.

Your files are stored on a server. A server is basically a very powerful computer that stores those files, but also is designed to deliver them to your visitor’s web browser. The server where your website’s files are stored is given an IP address. This IP address allows your visitors’ computers to find your website to view it.

What is shared web hosting
Shared hosting, also sometimes referred to as virtual hosting, is a web hosting environment where each individual hosting account is stored on a single web server. Think of a web server as a very powerful computer loaded with resources. Each of the accounts on the server shares the server’s system resources. These resources include disk space, data transfer and server processing power.

Shared Hosting offers you an affordable solution to get your web site up and running because all the related server hosting costs are shared and spread out among the other users/accounts who are being hosted on that server.

Do I need Web Hosting?
Web Hosting is absolutely essential If you would like to have a website published online for the world to see. A common thought is that registering a domain name is all that is needed to have your website online. Yes, a domain name is an important part of the puzzle as this is the address your visitors will type into their browsers to access your site. Web Hosting, on the other hand, is what makes it possible for your web site to be accessed by your visitors.

Web hosting is essentially the space you buy on a server that stores all the pieces that make up your websites. Once you your website is hosted by Skyehost Hosting, your visitors will be able to access your site by typing your domain name into their internet browser. Their computer is then connected with the server where your site is being hosted. The server then delivers the files that comprise your website to your visitors’ browsers so they can view your site.

How do I get started with my web hosting account?

You’ll have an easy time getting started with your new Web Hosting account! After you have purchased your Skyehost Hosting Web Hosting package, you will be sent a Welcome Email with login details to the My Skyehost Hosting control panel. My Skyehost Hosting includes everything you need to manage your Web Hosting account. You will find important information in your control panel including:

  • Email Login Information
  • FTP Connection Details
  • SSH Connection Details
  • cPanel Login Details (cPanel is the control panel you will use to manage your websites, files, email, databases and more. You will also find Softaculous in your cPanel control panel. Softaculous gives you the ability to install the web’s most popular software to your web hosting account with 1-click. Install software like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento and more in a matter of seconds.

Publishing Your Website

To publish your web site’s files so your audience can view it, upload the files to your account’s public_html directory. You are able to update your web site files whenever you want to. However, your audience will not be able to view any files not included in the public_html directory (or within the subdirectory beneath public_html).

Configuring Your Domain Name

If you have a domain name that was not purchased from Skyehost Hosting that you would like to use with your A2 Hosting account, you will need to update that domain’s nameservers (DNS). You won’t have to do this if you bought your domain from Skyehost Hosting. It has already been done for you.

The nameservers and their IP addresses are listed in the Product Details of My Skyehost Hosting. The nameservers for your web hosting account are ns1.supercp.com, ns2.supercp.com, ns3.supercp.com, and ns4.supercp.com

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